If you are planning your upcoming vacation, it is important to make sure no hitchhiking pests make their way home with you. Because you will likely be staying in motels or unfamiliar places, you run the risk of having bed bugs stow away in your luggage. To ensure you are protected from potential infestation, here are 3 bed bug signs you need to know before traveling.

Blood Stains

Because bed bugs feed on blood, their excrement comes out as a rust-colored speck of blood that has been digested. These spots can stain pillows or sheets and can often be a clear sign that bed bugs are present. Fresh blood stains may also appear whenever bed bugs are crushed by sleep movements or activity in the bed.

Shed Skins

Bed bugs undergo a molting process as they develop from the nymph stage into adulthood. As this happens, they will leave shed skins in the piping of a mattress or other area near the bed that provides adequate shelter. By searching for the skins before bringing your luggage in, you can limit the chance of bringing them home with you.

Musty Odor

While some bed bug signs are readily apparent in most cases, others aren’t as noticeable if you don’t know what to look for. Like other insects, bed bugs release a musty odor from their scent glands that may alter the entire smell of a room. If you smell a musty odor upon entering the room, it is likely a good idea to do a thorough inspection to decide if bed bugs are present.

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