Ant problems both indoors and outdoors are common this time of year, and these problems will continue well into fall. Not only are ant colonies huge this time of year (ant colonies may double in size by late summer), but there are more ant colonies now than there were in the spring.

The natural outdoor food supply for ants also starts to decrease in late summer and fall. The combination of more and bigger ant colonies and less food causes more ants to invade homes, looking for food. Another factor that drives ants indoors is the weather—some kinds of ants are looking for a better place to move their colony. Indoors is much more protected from weather extremes. You can imagine the problems they cause when an entire ant colony moves indoors.

If you or someone you know has ants, give us a call and we will make your ant problems a thing of the past! If you already have our regular treatments, you probably have not had ant problems for a long time. Still, because ants are constantly reinvading from surrounding properties, here are a few wise things even our regular customers should do to help reduce the possibility of ant invasions:

  • Keep food spills and crumbs cleaned up, and make sure all indoor and outdoor garbage cans have tightfitting lids.
  • Trim tree and shrub branches so they do not touch buildings and act as a bridge for ants.
  • Eliminate sources of water, such as leaky faucets and roof leaks, because water is important to ants.

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