Pests through the ages have been very successful at hitching rides with us.  In fact, most of the worst pests people unknowingly brought with them from somewhere else in the world.  Today these pests are just as adept at catching a ride with us, whether we are on an everyday shopping trip, eating out, at the movies or gym, on an overnight trip, or when moving to a new home or apartment. Here are a few of the pests that frequently hitch a ride home with people or pets. Cockroaches and bed bugs are among the most easily transported pests.  Both of these pests are commonly transported to your home from infested restaurants and other public places where people sit, plus motels, moving vans, and used furniture stores. Cockroaches also arrive in bags or boxes.

Flour moths and beetles are brought home from the grocery store hidden in bags and boxes of food. Plus, they hide in everything from toys filled with beans, to tobacco products.  Silverfish are easily moved around in cardboard boxes and used items. Clothes moths and carpet beetles feed while hidden in woolen rugs and other items made of animal origin such as leather, furs, and silk. Entire ant nests are brought indoors in the soil of potted plants.  And our pets pick up fleas and ticks wherever they go, and then carry them into our homes. The fact that so many pests are so good at coming home with us is another reason that our regular professional pest services are so important.

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