Stings from yellowjackets, wasps, hornets and bees really hurt!  Plus, they’re dangerous.  A healthy adult may be able to sustain about 1,500 stings before being killed, but a child, with his or her smaller body, can be killed by far fewer stings.  Even one sting can be dangerous for anyone allergic to the venom, and a physician should be contacted immediately. You can greatly reduce the chance of being stung by these insects by following a few simple precautions.

  • Don’t walk barefoot on grass, especially if the grass contains clover, dandelions, or other blooming weeds that bees may be visiting.
  • Look before you sip when you are outdoors. These insects are attracted to sweet drinks, so it is not uncommon for a person to get stung on the lip or in the mouth.  Serving drinks with straws helps prevent this.
  • Should I avoid wearing perfume outdoors? It was once thought that this was important, but there is really no evidence that strong fragrances, even of floral scents, make you any more likely to be stung.
  • Don’t disturb a nest! The most serious attacks occur when these insects perceive a threat and defend their nest in mass.  For nests in the ground, even walking near them causes the ground to vibrate, setting off defensive alarms in the colony.

Our regular pest service helps eliminate dangerous stinging insects while their nests are still small, before they become unsafe for people and pets.  If you have neighbors, friends, or relatives whose yards aren’t protected by our expert services, please tell them we are here to help.

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