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Last week, we passed along a few tips for how to keep mice out of your home in the winter. However, as we all know, mice aren’t the only pests who come inside looking for a safe haven when the mercury drops. Lots of creepy crawlers, including spiders, stink bugs and lady bugs, practice “sun-seeking” behavior—meaning they look for warm, cozy places to hide out the chilly winter months. Your home probably fits that description perfectly. Usually, these bugs will take up residence in spots like exterior siding and window sills, since they’re easy to crawl into and get a lot of sun during the day. However, pests looking for warmth will crawl through any crevice they can find to get to a warmer place. This could lead to them showing up just about anywhere inside your home. So, here are some tired and true tips we’ve rounded up to help you keep your home bug-free!

  • Patch up any holes in your window screens or replace them with new screens altogether
  • Caulk any cracks on the outside of your home, including around vents and telephone lines
  • Install door seals around any exterior door that has a gap between it and the frame—buts can fit through even the tiniest space
  • Take out the garbage and recycling often
  • Keep food in airtight containers and keep your kitchen and bathroom counters squeaky clean
  • Fix any leaky pipes or faucets and invest in a dehumidifier if you often get water in your basement or crawl space
  • Rake up all the leaves in your yard and clear away any fruit from fruit-bearing trees
  • Keep your home clean and organized—this will prevent bugs from finding places to nest if they do get inside

Hopefully, these tips will keep you bug-free all winter long! If not, call the experts at Arrow Exterminators. We’ll get rid of the pests plaguing your home before you know it.

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