A Black Widow Spider in its Web

When asked which spider people are most scared of, undoubtedly the black widow will always be on the top of the list. In reality, no human in the United States has died from a black widow spider bite in over 10 years. Although the female black widow spider is the most venomous in North America, the mortality rate associated with their bites is less than 1%.

Black widow spiders generally will only bite when they are provoked or feel threatened. When a female black widow bites a victim it will, potentially, inject a small amount of poison. Most often when this species of spider bites a human, it won’t inject poison at all. However, in the event that a black widow bite does exhibit symptoms, medical attention will be needed.


  • The bite area may start to turn red
  • Swelling may occur
  • Possible burning sensation
  • Dull pain in the bite area

Symptoms of a black widow bite, when venom has been injected, can be varied and may resemble other medical conditions.  Other signs of poisoning can include headache, development of a rash, increased saliva production, chest pain, and respiratory problems.


For a standard black widow spider bite with no adverse side effects, simply cleaning the bite with soap and water will be sufficient in most cases. If redness and swelling exist at the bite site, applying ice can be a temporary relief. In the event that symptoms become severe, medical attention will be needed. Early treatment will help a physician evaluate the severity and implement an antivenin if necessary.

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