Over time many popular myths have stuck with termites. Though some may be rooted in actual truth, most of the myths surrounding termites are inaccurate. To help break through the clutter, here are the most popular termite myths and the truth surrounding them.

Brick Houses are Termite-Safe

This common termite myth revolves around the idea that because your home is constructed of brick and sits on a concrete slab, termites are unlikely to find food and infest it. However, it is important to remember that nearly every home or structure will utilize at least a wooden frame. Even though this separates their food source from the soil, they will still work their way to it from cracks and crevices that may appear.

Termites are Unnecessary in Nature

Though termites are mostly known for being destructive pests, they play a pivotal role in the ecosystem. As dead wood becomes available, termites will begin recycling it through their consumption. This process helps provide nutrient-rich soil for plants and facilitates growth. In forests, this process is invaluable for the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Decaying Wood Near Homes Deters Termites

Though termites are naturally drawn to decaying wood because it is more easily consumed, they will still continually seek out new food sources to establish sustainability for their colony. This means that even if you have decaying wood or mulch near your home, they will likely still make their way to your home.  Even if decaying wood is nearby, your structural timber is still at risk of termite infestation.

Termites are Related to Ants

One of the most commonly spread myths about termites is that they are related to the ant family. However, they are actually more closely related to mantids and cockroaches, being classified in the same superorder of Dictyoptera. This means that ant control will not be effective for the removal or eradication of termites.

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