The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with it some of the best fall and winter activities! Whether you’re heading to grandma’s to chow down on turkey and pumpkin pie or stopping at roadside motels on the way to the family Christmas gathering, you’re parobably going to be doing a lot of travelling the next few months! Hopefully, your holiday season will be filled with food, family and fun—and some presents, too! Unfortunately, it could also be filled with bed bugs if you’re not careful. Bed bugs can be found in homes, college dorm rooms and hotels (even the really nice ones!).

Here are a few tips from the National Pest Management Association to keep you bed bug free this holiday season:

  • Inspect Before Unpacking: whether you’re staying with family or at a hotel, make sure you do a thorough sweep of your room before unpacking. Be especially careful to check the corners of your mattress and the undersides of couch and chair cushions. Bed bugs will leave behind stains or skins they have shed.
  • Pack in Plastic: Keep your suitcase inside a plastic trash bag to make sure bed bugs can’t crawl inside and come home with you. You can also pack your clothes inside Ziploc bags to keep them safe.
  • Use Hot Water: When you get home, wash all your clothes in hot water—even if you didn’t wear them. This will kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs hiding inside. Also, make sure to vacuum your suitcase out before you bring it back inside. That will keep any stowaways from taking up residence with you.

If you do find any bed begs, call Arrow Exterminators right away! As the only company in Oklahoma using state of the art Thermal Remediation® technology, we’re the best equipped to put your bed bugs to night for good!

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