The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System is perhaps the most extensively tested termite bait system on the market. This unique system has been used on many historical sites in the United States, including the White House. Termite control with the system follows a distinct 3-step process to ensure existing termites are successfully removed and future colonies are prevented.

The bait used in the Sentricon System contains a slow-acting ingredient that kills the termites while attempting to molt. This is effective because the termites eating from the bait will return to the colony and regurgitate food for others. The Sentricon process includes the following processes.


To detect termite activity with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, monitoring stations are installed around the perimeter of the building. The monitoring station is a hollow green plastic cylinder with slits for termites to enter. To begin, untreated wood will be left in the tube to draw and detect termites.


Once termites are located in one of the monitoring station, the previously untreated wood will be replaced with bait that is laced with noviflumuron, a termite growth inhibitor. To help ensure treatment begins immediately, termites currently feeding on the untreated wood will be moved to the new laced bait.

This promotes effectiveness within the system, as a marking scent is left to other termites within the colony. In some cases, activity will be promoted by placing wood filled monitoring stations near the current bait tubes. Over time, more termites will come and return to colony until they have been eradicated.


Once termites are no longer found within the bait tubes, they will be replaced once again with untreated wood for routine monitoring. In the event, more termites begin to show up on this untreated wood, the baiting process will be restarted until the new termite population is eradicated. Monitoring usually will occur in 3-to-4 month intervals.

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