The only mosquitoes in this country that we knew were capable of transmitting the dangerous Zika virus were Aedes aegypti (the yellow fever mosquito) and Aedes albopictus (the Asian tiger mosquito). These mosquitoes are both more common in warmer, southern areas of the country (although the Asian tiger mosquito is found in some northern states […]

There’s something inherently creepy about spiders to most home owners or business owners across the state of Oklahoma. Maybe it’s their furry bodies and 8 legs or the reputation they’ve gained in horror films and Halloween decorations, but spiders aren’t very popular as an unwelcome house guest. To make matters worse, the wide variety of […]

It’s not uncommon for many to suspect they need a roach exterminator when a strange bug is found in or around their home. While there are many insects that are confused with roaches, there are distinct similarities between them that can determine whether or not the insect in question is a cockroach species. Here are […]

Many pests begin looking for a suitable place to spend the winter as the weather starts to change this time of year. Unfortunately, homes and other buildings are common overwintering places for these unwanted “visitors,” and their visit often ends being an extended stay. People are often surprised by the huge numbers and variety of […]

During the fall season, many beautiful birds will begin migrating through Oklahoma as the weather and temperature begin to change. Unfortunately, because the temperatures remain fairly mild in Oklahoma during the winter birds will often take advantage of the state’s southern location. Bird control in Oklahoma decreases health risks associated with the nuisance birds that […]

If you are hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, it may not be the feet of those you love! Cooler weather causes large numbers of mice and rats to invade homes and buildings. They are looking for new food sources and a drier and warmer place to live and multiply. There are many tell-tale signs […]

As the threat of bed bugs continues to rise across Oklahoma, Arrow Exterminators is committed to providing excellent bed bug control services to keep homes and businesses safe from these pests. In recent years, bed bugs have developed resistance to most insecticide treatments utilized by pest control professionals and new, innovated treatments have to be […]

Recently a person wearing socks, but no shoes, was walking in her garden near some lavender when she stepped on the abdomen of a honey bee and was stung. Upon closer inspection, she found the ground was littered with the abdomens of honey bees.  Apparently, California scrub jays like to eat honey bees, but they […]

As fall weather continues to settle in, many pests will start invading homes, looking for a place to overwinter during the colder months. This can cause particular problems in the spring from homeowners or business owners as these pests begin to awaken from their slumber, infesting the home or business they had been hibernating in. […]

A recent study published in the journal Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes are unexpectedly breeding in windshield wash basins at gas stations. The discovery of mosquito larvae, pupae, and emerging adults at nearly one-third of the gas station wash basins inspected was surprising because normally you would expect the soapy windshield wash water to kill […]

It seems like picking up bed bugs and bringing them home can happen anywhere these days. With infestations popping up in libraries, public transport vehicles and movie theaters, these hardy pests are spreading into seemingly normal homes quickly. If you suspect that your home may be housing these unwelcome guests, when should you call bed […]

Deer ticks crawling on you can be hard to find, especially if they are immature ticks. Now an adult female deer tick has been found feeding on a person in New York State that is only 1.5 millimeters (.06 inches) long. This is about half the size of the usual deer tick. This is especially […]