If you have taken a walk around your yard recently, you likely have run into a garden spider or its web. Throughout the summer, many spiders will hide until they are large enough to start crafting their webs quickly to obtain the food sources needed to lay their eggs. However, it is unlikely that these […]

Some insects cause damage you would never expect. It turns out that a small bark beetle called the camphor shoot borer is causing havoc because they have been boring through plastic lawn mower gas tanks. That’s crazy! Don’t they realize gasoline will kill them? They don’t find out until it is too late, and they […]

With the wide variety of termite treatments available, homeowners and business owners in Oklahoma often get confused about which termite treatment is best for their needs. The experts at Arrow Exterminators have provided Oklahoma with superior termite control for over 60 years. If you spot a termite problem in your home or business, or just […]

A recent groundbreaking study using sequencing of the DNA from the Zika virus found that the virus reached Miami not just once, but at least four times last year, and potentially up to forty times. The study also found that there was a direct correlation between the number of mosquitoes and the number of Zika […]

Fall is in full swing and until consistent freezing temperatures arrive, your pets may be in danger of picking up itchy travelers. While extended periods of freezing can kill fleas, they can survive on warm-blooded hosts like raccoons and other mammals. Aside from working with your veterinarian to provide your pet with a flea treatment, […]

Cockroaches are generally nocturnal insects, making detecting them in your home or business before it’s too late hard. With the ability to squeeze into the smallest cracks in your baseboards, appliances or other areas close to food or water sources, your home can easily become a veritable game of hide and seek for these hardy […]

You would think that pest problems would be gone this time of year, but unfortunately, that is wishful thinking. Many pests can breed and multiply all winter indoors, thanks to central heating. Here are just a few pests that are problems during late fall and winter, and what to do about them. Christmas trees—Various pests take up […]

Rats and mice have been multiplying all year outdoors. They are fast breeders—in just 8 months, 24 mice can multiply into 2,000 mice!  As the weather gets colder this time of year, rodents are searching for a better place to nest and feed. Your home looks mighty good to them, so it’s wise to eliminate places where […]

Bobcats are very secretive creatures that few people ever see, but they have increased in number and are now occasional problems nationwide, even in urban and suburban areas. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, their populations dropped partly because they were being hunted extensively for their furs. But as prices for their furs dropped and many […]

In a just-published study, when bed bugs were released into an empty room that had bags of clean and dirty clothes, they were much more likely to seek out the bags of dirty clothes than the clean clothes. Bed bugs use odors on our skin as an important way to find us and get a […]

We are still discovering unexpected ways pests cause problems.  An ant called the little fire ant causes eye lesions that can hinder vision or even cause blindness, according to a recent article in the Journal of Medical Entomology. It has been suspected for many years by many scientists and veterinarians that the little fire ant […]

Aside from being creepy, pests also have the ability to alter the smell of your home to make it even less accommodating. Whether it is just a normal smell they secrete or the smell they make as they decay in your walls, 3 common pests can cause a real stink for homeowners. If something smells […]