Every year we hear stories about huge numbers of ants invading buildings. As ant experts, we are never surprised by these stories. The fact is, ants are a problem year-round, but during the months ahead ant colonies will start growing larger as each week passes. Ant problems continue to be the #1 pest problem in […]

It’s almost spring and if you don’t already have a pest prevention plan in the works, you likely will have some unwanted guests in the coming months. As the weather begins to warm, many common spring pests will begin emerging from their slumber to wreak havoc in the life of homeowners. Here are some of […]

Many pests can be kept out of a home or office with our professional perimeter treatments. Fewer pests are great for many reasons, but one benefit often overlooked is that it means you have a naturally cleaner home. It saves you time and work cleaning up dead insect bodies, spider webs, insect excrement, and other […]

Warm weather is just weeks away and while you may be excited about the upcoming season, many pests will be as well. In spring, overwintering pests will begin to wake from their slumber and many hatchlings will emerge. To ensure your home is protected from common pests and the infestation dangers they pose, spring cleaning […]

A recent study showed that bed bugs emit substantial amounts of histamine that persists even after the bed bugs are eliminated. The study found that histamine levels in bedbug-infested homes were at least 20 times higher than homes with no history of bed bugs. High levels of histamine are in bed bug feces—they use the […]

While birds can be nice to watch from a distance, you likely don’t want them making themselves comfortable in, or around, your home or business. As their population begins to flourish, they have the ability to potentially damage your structure with roosting habits and excessive droppings that can corrode the strongest materials. Don’t let pest […]

Many of the most persistent ant pests are not native to this country. Two of these, Argentine ants and red imported fire ants, are well known to drive out less aggressive native ants, often resulting in severe consequences to the ecosystem. This has been well documented with red imported fire ants, and more recently with […]

Throughout the spring months, the increase in rain and warmer weather make an increase in the prevalence of mosquitoes an inevitability. While these same conditions can give you a beautiful garden or lush landscape, it can be hard to enjoy them while worrying about these persistent pests. Here are 3 preventative mosquito tips to help […]

Recently a woman in Brooklyn had been complaining that the U.S. Post Office wasn’t delivering her mail. She had been getting late notices for bills she never received. It turns out the postal worker tossed the mail onto the woman’s porch each day, but before she retrieved it, a rat was dragging some of it […]

Dealing with a pest problem can be incredibly stressful. During the spring months, it’s not uncommon for unwanted invaders such as ants, cockroaches and spiders to begin making their presence known inside of your home or business. If your structure has any of these signs, it may be time for you to call exterminators to […]

Surprise! A tiny grasshopper was recently discovered embedded in the paint of one of Vincent van Gogh’s famous masterpieces, Olive Trees. The small grasshopper was hiding in plain sight on the painting but had never been noticed before. It must have landed in the paint in 1889, while it was still wet. It is well […]

It is not uncommon for homeowners in Oklahoma to begin seeing the signs of moles around their property in the spring. During this time period, mole activity will generally be at its peak and trapping can usually remove any pregnant females that may be nearby. If you are seeing any of these signs of mole […]