Here are three common questions people ask us about spiders. How do spiders re-infest an area?Spiders eventually re-infest a treated area. Many young, light-weight spiders travel through the air by a process called “ballooning.” They simply let out one or more silk lines that easily catch even a mild wind or thermal current, and they […]

Record breaking rainfall across Oklahoma these past few weeks has caused flooding of homes and properties as well as a lot of grief for good people in our community. People everywhere are dealing with major cleanups in one hand while trying to protect themselves from more forecasted rain in the other. Unfortunately, there is something […]

While Lyme disease is the most common tick-transmitted disease, with 30,000 reported cases a year, ticks continue to be in the news because of the other viruses they transmit. A Kansas man died last year from Bourbon virus, a new virus named after Bourbon County where he lived. He was a healthy man who died […]

Summer is just around the corner, the temperature outside is rising, and before we know it we’ll be in the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy the sultry summer days. Ants in particular thrive during this time of year, so it’s important to take the proper precautions to prevent […]

There is always a new and exciting discover in the insect world! In Hawaii’s freshwater streams, 14 new species of amphibious caterpillars have been found. While many insect larvae live in streams and lakes, these are the first truly amphibious insects (they are equally at home in water or on land) that have ever been […]

A few weeks ago, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, The Tulsa Health Department told us they had found a sampling of mosquitoes that tested positive for West Nile Virus. Then earlier last week they published that the first two cases of human contracted West Nile Virus in Oklahoma were confirmed in Okfuskee […]

A survey of 500 allergists showed that an overwhelming 97% think that a pest-free home is an important step in preventing asthma and allergy symptoms. The survey of medical professionals was conducted by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Many common household pests, including cockroaches and rodents, can trigger allergic reactions in certain people. […]

Once again, flooding has turned our Oklahoma streets into rivers and many people across the state are dealing with flooded homes and properties. It’s important for you to be aware of all the repercussions that can follow after a flood. One often overlooked effect from storm damage and severe flooding is the increase of pests. […]

The Nile monitor, a lizard native to Africa, has been thriving and spreading in various areas of Florida since about 1990. The giant lizard sometimes grows up to 8 feet long. It will eat anything it can catch that is smaller than itself, including pets and wild animals. How did this giant get started in […]

Each year the week of June 26th is declared National Mosquito Control Awareness Week by the American Mosquito Control Association to educate the public. As your local exterminator and mosquito control experts, Arrow Exterminators wants you to be aware of all the local efforts being made to control the mosquito problem. In recent weeks, there […]

Scientists were shocked recently to find that two different species of very destructive termites are mating in the wild. Formosan subterranean termites are mating with Asian subterranean termites in South Florida. Currently these hybrid colonies are only in South Florida, because while Formosan termites have spread to 11 states, Asian termites have invaded more recently, […]

Has anyone else noticed that things in Oklahoma are a little louder these days? Periodical cicadas are out and singing across eastern Oklahoma and this year is special because the Red-Eyed Cicadas have appeared. Recognized by their bright orange-red eyes, black body, and orange-veined clear wings, they’ve emerged in record numbers this summer and are […]