Ant problems both indoors and outdoors are common this time of year, and these problems will continue well into fall. Not only are ant colonies huge this time of year (ant colonies may double in size by late summer), but there are more ant colonies now than there were in the spring. The natural outdoor […]

Each year, termites and other wood-destroying pests cause many billions of dollars worth of damage in the United States! So it is well worth your time to take steps to prevent damage from these costly pests and protect your investment in your home: ✓ Reduce excess moisture. Termites, like carpenter ants, are much more likely […]

Now that the rain has gone away, it seems that the ants have come out to play. Heavy rains, like those that recently raked across parts Oklahoma, can not only force insects from the ground and their habitats, but it can also wash away their food sources. Since all those colonies of ants still need […]

Here in Oklahoma, any time we have a wet season followed by extremely hot temperatures, we start to notice an abundance of spiders entering our homes. That’s because wet and mild climates generally see loads of insects where spiders can quickly increase their numbers gorging on them, but then when the temperatures rise and the […]

Fungus gnats are common tiny flies. You will see them flying around potted plants, and they are attracted to windows and lights. Their larvae thrive in the soil of over-watered houseplants. You can often control these flies by watering potted plants less often, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

The Formosan subterranean termite is especially damaging to wood, and it is spreading in the United States. One of the ways these termites get started in an area is from boats and ships that pick up these hitchhikers when they are in infested areas, or take on infested cargo, and then dock on our shores. […]

Here in Oklahoma, you would think that most damage to homes is caused by tornadoes, floods and fires. But you’d be wrong. Termite damage is actually considered one of the worst destroyers of homes and buildings. Termites alone can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to just one piece of property and about one […]

Quality is King in the pest control industry. That’s why Arrow Exterminators is proud to announce that we’ve earned the QualityPro Mark of Excellence from the National Pest Management Association. QualityPro certified pest control companies make up only 1 percent of the nation’s pest control companies. This designation definitely places us above the rest. QualityPro […]

In an event that received world-wide coverage a few months ago, the sky was filled with millions of spiders and their silky threads in New South Wales, Australia. The spiders floated around and then down, landing in everything, even in people’s hair and beards. This occasional phenomenon is called a ‘spider rain’ because of the […]

Although bedbugs are problems year-round, the warmer months from July to September are peak bedbug months, when these pests are multiplying faster and are more active and noticeable. Under ideal laboratory conditions bedbugs live an average of 6-12 months, although in the real world their average lifespan is probably shorter. However, we have heard some […]

Many people ask us why we prefer to deal with termites using the Sentricon® baiting system over using old-school liquid barrier treatments. We strongly believe that a baiting system offers a greater value, a more long-term solution, and an overall better way to handle termites. There is even an ongoing debate in the pest control […]

New research shows that the bacterium that causes Lyme disease forms dormant persister cells. These cells are known to evade antibiotics, and may explain why Lyme disease is so difficult to treat in some patients. If caught early, patients treated with antibiotics usually recover quickly. But about 10 to 20 percent of patients, mostly those […]