Here in Oklahoma, homeowners can find themselves with an ant problem in the fall just as easily as in the spring and summer. We tend to notice an influx of ants coming into homes when the weather changes. So, with temperatures dropping over the past week, we thought now would be a good time to […]

New research shows that the breath of patients infected with malaria has much higher levels of certain compounds in it than people not infected with malaria. What is exciting about this discovery is that these chemicals are present at very early stages of infection, before other methods can even detect that the malaria parasites are […]

All year round, Oklahoma pests are adapting and thriving. Depending on the season, with its temperature changes and weather conditions, pests can become a particular annoyance during certain times of the year. That’s why the best way to treat and prevent pest infestations is to change your tactics each time the weather changes. Using various […]

Fall is a surprisingly busy time for pests. A wide variety of pests start invading homes, looking for a place to spend the fall and winter. Their instincts tell them it’s time to search for a dry, warm crevice or cavity. They are searching for loose bark to get under, or a hallowed out tree […]

Why is regular, on-going professional pest management service so important? Some pests multiply more slowly this time of year, but others take their place and are even more active now. On-going service provides the best protection against the constantly changing invaders, and is your best value. Rats and mice will be especially troublesome during the […]

Even though no one wants to see them in their homes, spiders play an essential role in all ecosystems across our planet. So, as long as these eight-legged creepy crawlers stay outside, then we’re perfectly content allowing them to go about their business. Here are five fun facts about spiders that might help make them […]

Don’t inadvertently bring pests indoors! Check furniture, food, grocery bags, boxes, rolled up newspapers, luggage, and other items you carry in. Also check potted plants you bring in. There may be ant colonies in the soil, pests underneath the pot, and pests on leaves.

Are you currently in the market to buy or sell a house? Then listen up because this news could affect you. According to this recent article from The Washington Post, lenders are cracking down on homes with termite infestation. If you’re buying a home and taking out a mortgage to do so, there’s a good chance the […]

The number of potential uses for drones is being expanded. Special drones are being developed to aid in the war against mosquito-borne diseases. These drones would fly mosquito-catching traps into remote areas, then the drones would pick up the traps and bring them in. New technology is being developed to more quickly analyze the mosquitoes […]

When the need arises to protect your home from intruding pests, not everyone calls in a professional exterminator. Many people prefer to buy and use over-the-counter pesticides themselves. These chemicals can be useful, but they can also carry health risks. Arrow Exterminators has put together a list of how to safely use home pesticides so […]

In our previous post, we discussed how to safely use home pesticides to keep the pests away. But not everyone needs or wants to use potentially hazardous chemicals around their family and pets. We also mentioned that there are natural alternatives to using pesticides, so we thought we would share one of our favorites with […]

We all want to do whatever we can to protect our pollinators—especially honey bees. Honey bees have been hit with a number of problems over the last decade, and entire task forces of scientists have been trying to figure out what has been killing them. This has been difficult to determine, partly because there are […]