Silverfish are so sneaky that homeowners are often unaware that these pests are in their homes. Silverfish stay hidden during the day and come out at night, eating irregular-shaped holes in paper products, especially books, magazines, and other papers in undisturbed places.

Silverfish like to eat the glue on envelopes, wallpaper and book bindings, and especially paper that has a glaze coating on it. They also chew holes in starched clothing, and in linen, silk and rayon. They eat flour and cereal, as well as high-protein foods like dried meats.

The only time you may see silverfish is when you move papers and books that have been left undisturbed for a long time. They also can fall into bathtubs and bowls and be unable to get out of them. Silverfish crawl around looking for food, and once they’ve found it, they remain close to it.

Silverfish are often unknowingly transported from one place to another in boxes, books, and magazines. In apartments and homes they follow the pipelines between rooms. One female can lay an amazing 3,500 eggs during her lifetime.

These pests can tolerate some dryness, but they really thrive where the humidity is high, or where they have access to moisture such as in damp garages and basements, and from leaky plumbing or roofs, window condensation, etc.

Call us for professional control if you have these pests. Meanwhile, reduce moisture sources and humidity, and throw out old magazines and other paper products you don’t need anymore.

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