Termites are notorious for maintaining their secrecy in your walls. In most cases, homeowners may not even know they are there until severe amounts of damage have been accumulated. However, one dead giveaway that termites are in your home could be happening during this spring season!

Termite swarmers are a definitive warning sign that your home is harboring termites or could soon. In mature termite colonies, reproductive winged termites will swarm to mate and establish new colonies. These winged termites, called alates, will shed their wings after successful reproduction and begin establishing their new colonies.

During early spring, warm weather and rain showers will often signal the start of termite swarms. Most subterranean termites will swarm during the daytime; however, depending on the termite species, night swarms may be possible. In general, termite alates are not strong fliers and depend on winds for distance traveling, making originating nests fairly close to the visible swarm.

What Should I Do During a Termite Swarm?

The first emotion most homeowners experiencing a termite swarm will have is fear. The most important part of dealing with a termite swarm is remaining calm. In most cases, attempting to kill the termite swarmers with insect spray is unnecessary as most will die during the swarming process.

If you catch the swarm early enough, it is important to not try and stop them from escaping from the existing hole. If the hole is covered with tape or some other material, the alates will create new holes to escape from. However, homeowners may opt to place a Ziploc bag or other plastic bag in front of the hole to contain them.

Once the swarm has ended, homeowners are encouraged to clean up the dead alates. It is important, however, to save some of them to show the pest control provider that you choose for your service. Once the swarm has ended, schedule a service appointment with a trained termite control company to remove the existing colonies within your home.

Why Arrow Exterminators for Termite Control?

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