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When it comes to winter pest control, it seems like many people adhere to the old phrase, “out of sight, out of mind.” Recently on the blog, we’ve explained how just because you don’t see rodents, spiders and other pests inside your home in the winter months, doesn’t mean that they haven’t taken up residence in places you don’t see or wouldn’t expect—including attics, basements, closets and siding. This same mentality is also often erroneously applied to termites. Many homeowners assume that if they cannot see termites or termite damage, then their house is safe. We wish this was the case, but unfortunately it isn’t true.

Another common termite myth is that they hibernate or move to warmer climates in the winter. It is true that Oklahoma winters are usually too cold for termites to swarm. But if you already have an infestation, termites can continue to feed all winter long. This is especially true of areas like basements and crawl spaces, which might be a little warmer and easier for them to reach. And don’t think that a snowfall would scare them off. While a layer of snow makes the surface of the ground cold, it traps heat in the soil below the surface and in their colonies, making it even easier for termites to operate.

Trained termite inspectors, like the experts at Arrow Exterminators, can inspect your home and identify termite colonies at any time of the year. If you know or suspect you have an active termite colony near your home or have seen the signs of an infestation, including termite droppings (which look like pellets), sagging floors, walls and ceilings and discarded termite wings (which look like fish scales), contact the experts at Arrow Exterminators for an evaluation.

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