Bed bugs are continuing to invade more homes and apartments, as these blood suckers spread in this country. According to one survey of pest control professionals this year, bed bugs are the second fastest growing pest problem, right behind rats and other rodents, which have been increasing in recent years.

Most people discover bed bugs during the summer months. Not only do these pests grow faster and reproduce in less time when it is warmer, but bed bugs spread around during the summer. This is because of the increased vacation travel, more people moving to new homes and apartments, and more students coming home from college.

A new survey just released in June by the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) shows homes, followed by apartments, are by far the most common places infested with bed bugs. But these pests are also encountered (in descending order) hotels and motels, nursing homes, schools, & daycares, office buildings, college dorms, hospitals, and in public transportation. Bed bug certainly get around!

Many people are still not familiar with these blood-suckers. In fact, often people that call a pest management professional think they have other pests, especially fleas and cockroaches, when they actually have bed bugs.

That’s why it so important to have a professional identify and control pest infestations. We not only know all the pests that are invading homes, but we know how to best control each of them, keeping the safety of our customers foremost.

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