What a grub looks like underneath a lawn

Maintaining a healthy lawn is a lot of work, so the fear of a lawn pest infestation or disease outbreak sticks with many people. Lawns can quickly become breeding and feeding grounds for all sorts of pests around Broken Arrow OK. Additionally, many kinds of lawn diseases can ravage your yard if you don’t take action against them quickly enough. That’s why our team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. works hard to refine our lawn pest and disease control strategies and provide home and business owners in the area with the most effective services possible. 

Why Lawn Insect and Disease Control are Needed

There is a long list of pests and diseases that commonly trouble lawns, many of which that are resistant to common pesticides and lawn care products. Many kinds of insects will eat through the roots of your grass, causing a patchy or yellowing appearance at the surface and keeping your grass from growing back healthily. This kind of damage is difficult to tell apart from the symptoms of common lawn diseases. Because it takes a different approach to remedy each of these situations, you have to be able to identify the damage. This is hard without the trained eye of an expert.

Common Lawn Pests and Diseases in Broken Arrow OK

These are some of the pests that we have experience removing from Broken Arrow OK lawns:

  • Grubs: Grubs usually cause the most damage to lawns, quickly turning full lawns into dead, patchy messes.
  • Chinch bugs: Chinch bugs are sap-sucking insects that produce a coagulant in the process, stopping the grass from absorbing water.
  • Sod webworms: Sod webworms destroy grass from the tops of the blades down, causing lots of superficial damage.
  • Armyworm: Armyworms can eat entire grass stems quickly, creating circles of dead grass on your lawn.
  • Cutworm: Cutworms feed on grass stems at night, cutting down blades and hiding under thatch during the day.

We also protect our customers from other lawn problems like fungal outbreaks, snow mold, rust diseases, and more.

Effective Lawn Insect and Disease Control

Lawn insect and disease damage can go on subtly for long periods of time until your grass starts to visibly wither all over your lawn. You can prevent this from happening by hiring your local lawn insect control expert. Our team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. knows all about the habits and patterns of Broken Arrow OK lawn pests and diseases. We can use efficient and environmentally responsible treatment strategies to rid your lawn of pests and disease and allow you to enjoy your yard to the fullest! Reach out today for a free quote or to learn more about our services.

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