Ice on a walkway

Icy walkways can cause problems for everybody. Homeowners want to make sure that their guests and their families don’t slip in their walkways or slide in their driveways. The last thing a business owner wants is for a customer to be injured falling on ice on their property. In order to keep conditions on your property safe and welcoming, you have to make sure ice isn’t getting in the way. Our team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. can help. We offer residential and commercial ice melt services in Broken Arrow OK that can keep your property safe through the winter.

Why Professional Ice Melt Services Help

With professional ice melting help, you can say goodbye to chipping away at hard-to-shovel sheets of ice. Having a professional ice melt service will be much more efficient than trying to deal with ice yourself. This is because of the way our products work. Ice melt products placed on frozen walkways attract moisture, forming a liquid brine and generating heat. This causes the liquid to spread across the walkway, loosening ice and making it easier to shovel away. This service is non-toxic and largely helpful.

Ice Melt Services in Broken Arrow OK

A proper ice melt service can create safer and more inviting conditions for your home or your business. If you’re in need of help with your icy walkways in Broken Arrow OK, reach out to our team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc.. We can efficiently and effectively get rid of the ice on your property and return for follow-up treatments as necessary. Reach out today for a free quote!

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