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Soil management is the practice of assuring that your soil is receiving the nutrients it needs to thrive and supplying it with whatever it is lacking. Sometimes, lawn issues boil down to simply knowing your soil. There is a long list of variables that could play into a lack of nutrient absorption, but unfortunately, many kinds of lawn damage can be hard to distinguish from each other without years of experience. That’s where the soil management experts at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. can help. Read on to learn more about our soil management services in Broken Arrow OK!

What is Soil Management?

In a soil management service, a trained technician will assess your soil to determine if it is lacking exposure to or having trouble absorbing necessary nutrients. At Arrow Exterminators, Inc., we often find that our clients’ lawns are suffering from a lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium in the soil. These elements will promote green coloration, growth potential, and grass strength, respectively. The levels of these nutrients can be elevated using the right fertilizer solution. Your soil could also be suffering from too low of a pH balance, necessitating a lime application treatment. There are many different kinds of treatments that could follow from a soil management plan.

Do I Need a Soil Management Plan?

It can be hard to tell if you need a soil management service without experience in lawn care. There are all kinds of reasons why your lawn could be suffering, and many of them might not have to do with the condition of your soil. However, if you allow a pest infestation or fungal outbreak to take over your lawn for too long, it could end up creating consequences for your soil itself. This is why it’s always wise to seek help from a professional lawn care technician like ours at Arrow Exterminators, Inc..

Soil Management Services in Broken Arrow OK

If you think poor soil conditions could be the reason for your lawn issues, reach out to our lawn care experts at Arrow Exterminators, Inc.. We have been performing all kinds of lawn care treatments for residential and commercial clients around Broken Arrow OK for over 70 years. We can use professional products and strategies to rejuvenate your soil, restoring your lawn to top shape. Reach out today for a free quote!

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