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It goes without saying that pest problems in restaurants are to be avoided at all costs. The last thing a dining customer wants to see during their meal is an ant trail or a mouse darting across the floor. Anyone who has experience working in the food service industry understands how critical it is to keep pests out of restaurants.

Our technicians at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. have the experience necessary to keep Broken Arrow OK restaurants consistently pest-free*.

Why Pest Control for Restaurants is Essential

Threats of food contamination need to be taken very seriously. Pests infesting businesses can spread filth and disease, jeopardizing food safety. These are some of the reasons why continual pest control for restaurants is so important:

  • Diseases like typhoid, cholera, E. coli, and salmonella can arise from a pest infestation.
  • Many pests spread droppings, urine, and filth, contaminating food.
  • Rodents can bring ticks, mites, and fleas into your restaurant.
  • The machines, wiring, and even the building hosting your restaurant can take damage.

Our Restaurant Pest Control Protocol

The best way to keep your restaurant safe and in business is to hire a restaurant pest control professional with experience preventing all kinds of pests. Here’s how we conduct pest control for restaurants:

  1. Inspect the restaurant and the grounds for pest activity
  2. Identify pests, pest-ridden areas, and sources of infestation
  3. Draft and carry out a plan to get rid of all active pests 
  4. Seal off all pest access points to prevent future infestations
  5. Continue to visit with advice and maintenance necessary for pest prevention

Restaurant Pest Control in Broken Arrow OK

In over 70 years working with the food service industry around Broken Arrow OK, our team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. has learned all of the most effective strategies for keeping pests out of restaurants. With routine inspections and prevention measures coupled with an emphasis on discreetness, we can keep your restaurant in good standing. To learn more about how we can protect your restaurant, contact our team today!

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