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Can I Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally?

We get it, the field of extermination has a complicated reputation. Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to avoid pesticides being sprayed around your home. Wouldn’t it be better to use a natural solution to repel bed bugs? 

There are plenty of DIY bed bug “solutions” online. Unfortunately, the actual results you get when using these strategies are questionable at best. They certainly can’t beat professional extermination, which may be possible without using any treatments you may be wanting to avoid. But let’s talk more about it below!

How to prevent bed bugs naturally in Broken Arrow OK |  Arrow Exterminators, Inc

Do Natural Bed Bug Repellents Work?

These natural bed bug remedies make a lot of lofty claims in terms of effectiveness, but how well do they actually work? Let’s talk about a few of the major contenders and whether or not they’re worth pursuing. 

  • Diatomaceous earth, which absorbs the water and oils from the exoskeleton of a bed bug. If pests come into contact with it they could die, but it only affects bed bugs that come directly into contact with it. 
  • Essential oils. They’ve grown in popularity, but there is no actual evidence that they can reliably kill bed bugs.
  • Petroleum jelly, spread on bed frames and headboards, is claimed to stop bed bugs in their tracks. It does not and it makes a greasy mess.
  • Dryer sheets and baby powder are also claimed to prevent or get rid of bed bugs. There is no proof of this.

Should I Use DIY Bed Bug Treatment?

Some of the potential “solutions” listed above may help repel bed bugs. But if there’s already an infestation established in your home, they can only act like a bandage on a much bigger problem. You may be avoiding professional treatment out of a disdain for traditional treatments. If that’s the case, you’ll find that certain companies like Arrow Exterminators, Inc. can provide comprehensive treatment with cutting-edge Thermal Remediation technology and no liquid or powder solution.

Natural vs. Professional Bed Bug Treatment

The best thing you can do to prevent bed bugs is to know the signs so you can seek treatment while the problem is still manageable. You can check used furniture and take care of your luggage while you’re traveling, but that might not be enough to completely eliminate any chance of an infestation. These natural solutions may also work to an extent. However, bed bugs are unpredictable, and if you’re hit with an infestation the best thing you can do is contact a professional like the bed bug control team at Arrow Exterminators, Inc.!

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