A flock of pigeons on top of a structure with bird droppings

Bird infestations can lead to severe roof and structural damage, along with major health issues. Bird droppings are highly corrosive and can wreak havoc on building materials over time. Gathering and travel practices adopted by birds also make them highly susceptible to carrying parasites. Determining the severity of the bird problem at a residence or business can be identified in most cases by a few common indicators.


When bird populations begin to expand around a home or business, they will most often take up residence in the surrounding trees and foliage first. When populations get larger, others will begin looking for nearby eaves or enclosed areas within the home structure to begin nesting.

Bird Droppings

Large cities are notoriously littered with the droppings of birds. Pigeons have become a huge contributor to the feces problems faced by many urban centers. When these droppings dry they become a powdery substance harboring many detrimental elements. When inhaled this can lead to a wide range of health problems. In any area, large amounts of bird droppings can indicate a bird problem.

Property Damage

The parental aspect exhibited in many birds leads them to take extreme measures when finding a suitable nesting place. If an eave or roof isn’t adequately prepared for a nest, a bird will modify the structure to meet their needs. In most cases, this damage will be readily visible to the homeowner.


When any large group gets together noise can be deafening. With large groups of birds, this isn’t an exception. The normally soothing sound of bird chirps becomes compounded into a mass of noise. This noise can also come from inside the home if birds have access to an attic.

If you are dealing with a bird problem at your home or business, give us a call to start a no-obligation bird evaluation. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators, Inc. can identify any type of pest and identify the best course of treatment to get rid of it. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to make sure we eliminate every last one from your home and keep them away for good!

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