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How Can I Tell If I Have Pests in My Lawn?

Outdoor pests are a common problem for home and business owners in Broken Arrow OK. While it may not seem like a big deal to have some critters crawling around your landscape, insects and rodents can wreak havoc on your turf in a short amount of time. Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs of an infested lawn that you should keep your eye out for. You might have pests in your lawn if you notice:

  • Visible damage: Look for visible damage to the grass blades, such as chewed or notched edges, yellowing or browning patches, or irregular patterns of thinning or dying grass. Pests like insects or grubs can cause physical damage to the turf.
  • Presence of pests: Keep an eye out for actual pests or signs of their activity. Look for insects, larvae, or adult pests crawling on the grass surface or hiding in the thatch or soil. You might also notice tunnels, webbing, or mounds indicating the presence of burrowing pests.
  • Changes in grass health: Observe changes in your lawn’s growth and appearance. If the grass is wilting, growing unevenly, or looking stressed without any apparent cause, it could be a sign of pest infestation.
  • Excessive weed growth: Pests and weeds often go hand in hand. If you notice an increase in weed growth or the sudden appearance of new and persistent weeds, it could be an indication of an underlying pest problem.
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What to Do If You Have Pests in Your Lawn

Managing outdoor infestations is a tricky process, especially because you have a lot less control over the environmental factors than you do for indoor spaces. That said, it’s important to take quick action if you have pests in your lawn to prevent them from causing damage. If you notice an infestation in your grass, follow these steps:

  • Identify the species: Every species has a different set of behaviors and characteristics. After all, you wouldn’t treat a mole problem the same way as a chinch bug problem. Start by determining exactly what type of pest is invading your turf. 
  • Reduce excess moisture: Almost all insects and rodents need ample moisture to survive, and they’re more likely to infest an overwatered lawn. If your grass is showing other signs of excessive watering, such as a spongy or squishy texture, consider cutting back on your irrigation schedule. 
  • Cut the grass a little shorter: While you don’t want to cut your lawn too short, pests prefer longer grass blades since they offer more shelter. Aim for 2 ½ or 3 inches each time you mow. 
  • Call a professional lawn care company: Lawn care technicians know how to handle every aspect of your turf’s health – including pest infestations. They can examine your situation to select the most effective and environmentally responsible pest control treatment options for your space. 

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