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Should I Apply an Insecticide After Overseeding?

Applying insecticides after overseeding your lawn is generally not recommended, especially if there is no existing pest problem. Doing so can place unnecessary stress on new seedlings, which are more vulnerable to damage and less tolerant of chemical treatments. If you apply insecticides alongside new seeds, you could kill the sprouts before they have a chance to fully develop. 

How Long Should I Wait After Overseeding to Use Insecticide?

Ideally, your grass should be fully developed before you apply an insecticide, herbicide, or other chemical-based solution. For most types of grass, this means waiting between two and four weeks. After this amount of time, the new seedlings will be much stronger and more tolerant of changes to their environment.

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Can New Grass Seed Attract Pests?

Freshly sown grass seed can attract some pests to your yard – especially rodents like mice. The seeds act as an easy food source for these critters, particularly in the first couple of days after they’ve been sown. Once the seeds sprout and begin developing, pests are more likely to move on. So, if you don’t have a pest problem already, overseeding shouldn’t be a big concern. That said, if you want to prevent pests while overseeding, try these tactics:

  • Avoid overwatering: Pests and fungi thrive in damp grass. Avoid giving your lawn too much water. If your lawn is damp, squishy, or full of puddles, consider consulting a lawn care expert to find a fast solution.
  • Improve drainage in your yard: Overwatering your lawn isn’t the only problem that can create a damp environment. Overflowing gutters, poor-draining soil, and leaky irrigation can also cause this problem. Look for any sources of excess moisture. 
  • Reduce clutter: If your lawn has lots of hiding places, pests are more likely to invade. Reduce clutter like landscaping tools, playground equipment, and even organic debris like leaf piles.
  • Continue to mow regularly: Tall grass offers the perfect habitat for insects, rodents, and other critters. While it’s important that you don’t cut the grass too short, avoid letting it grow out of control.

Should I Overseed My Lawn If I Have Pests?

We recommend treating a pest infestation before overseeding your lawn. After all, the last thing you want to do is attract more pests to your property with the seedlings or put the new sprouts at risk of pest damage. Taking care of the infestation is the best first step. 

Once the pests have been eliminated, overseeding is a great way to help your lawn recover. The new growth will help fill in any thin or bare spots left behind by the pests, and it will encourage thicker and stronger roots. 

Professional Insecticide Application

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