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Should I Fertilize a Wet or Dry Lawn?

When it comes to lawn fertilizer, timing is crucial. In addition to looking at the weather forecast, you should consider whether your lawn is wet or dry. Ideally, you should apply a fertilizer treatment to a dry lawn when there is no rain forecasted for the next couple of days. Fertilizing a wet lawn or applying a treatment before rain can lead to:

  • Uneven distribution: Fertilizer applied to a wet lawn may clump together and not spread evenly. This can result in some areas receiving excessive amounts of fertilizer, leading to uneven growth and potential nutrient burn.
  • Nutrient runoff: When fertilizer is applied to a wet lawn, there is a higher risk of nutrient runoff. Rain or irrigation can cause the fertilizer to wash away before it has a chance to be absorbed by the soil, either wasting the fertilizer or causing pockets of concentration.
  • Soil compaction: Walking or operating equipment on a wet lawn can contribute to soil compaction. Fertilizing a wet lawn may require you to step on the grass, which can compact the already saturated soil and hinder proper root development.
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What if it Rains After I Fertilize My Lawn?

At the end of the day, we can’t control the weather. While you’ll get the best results if the fertilizer can settle into your lawn for a few days before it rains, it’s not the end of the world if it rains after applying a treatment. In most cases, it’ll just cause the nutrients to wash away before your grass can absorb it. Depending on your landscape’s drainage, the treatment may also concentrate in some areas of your lawn, which can lead to a nutrient burn. 

If it rains heavily right after you apply a fertilization treatment, consult a professional to determine the best next steps. They can examine your turf to see if it needs another treatment or if it’s at risk of experiencing a fertilizer burn. From there, a technician can help you build a plan to ensure your lawn stays strong and healthy.

Can I Fertilize My Lawn During a Drought?

While it’s best to fertilize a dry lawn, it’s not a good idea to apply a treatment during drought conditions. The hot and dry weather puts a lot of strain on your lawn, but fertilizer isn’t the best solution. Your turf likely won’t be able to absorb the nutrients, and direct sunlight on the treatment could scorch the top of your grass, leading to even more health problems. 

How to Get the Best Results With Lawn Fertilization

When it comes to lawn fertilization, always follow the instructions provided on the manufacturer’s packaging. Applying fertilizer according to the recommended guidelines on a dry lawn will help maximize its effectiveness while minimizing potential negative impacts. Additionally, consider working with a lawn care professional. With their help, you can select the perfect formula for your turf type and property conditions, and have the peace of mind that it will always be applied correctly.

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