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Should I Water My Lawn Every Day?

Watering your lawn every day is generally not necessary and can potentially be detrimental to its health. Daily watering may seem like a good idea, especially during the dry summer months, but it can actually lead to shallow root growth and make your lawn more susceptible to drought stress. Instead, it’s best to water deeply and infrequently. 

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

Each lawn is different, and factors like weather conditions can impact how frequently you should water your grass. Generally speaking, though, it’s best to water your lawn between two and three times per week. You may be able to get away with watering even less during winter or periods of rain, as long as your grass is getting around 1-1.5 inches of water total each week.

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What Happens If I Water My Lawn Too Frequently?

It may seem counterintuitive to let your grass go a few days between watering, especially during hot and dry summers. However, watering too frequently puts your lawn at a greater risk of problems like:

  • Attracting fungus, pests, and weeds: Fungus thrives in damp environments, so lawns that are constantly covered in moisture are more likely to develop disease. Many pests and weeds are also drawn to areas with plenty of moisture, so over-watered lawns usually experience more infestations.
  • Developing thatch buildup: Thatch is a layer of partially decomposing plant matter that forms over the top of the soil. In dry conditions, it will naturally break down over time; however, constant moisture will prevent the thatch from fully decomposing. Not only will this attract pests and fungus, but it will suffocate your grass.
  • Growing shallow roots: Constant moisture on the surface of the soil will make it easy for your grass to absorb water without developing a deep root system. Shallow roots make your turf more susceptible to disease and other problems.
  • Wasting valuable resources: Watering every day is a waste of your time, money, and natural resources. To keep your utility bill low and protect the environment, avoid watering more frequently than you need to – especially during drought conditions.

Should I Water My Lawn When It Rains?

No, there’s no reason to water your lawn during periods of heavy rainfall. On the contrary, it’s important to take rainfall into consideration to avoid accidentally overwatering your grass. In total, aim to give your lawn between 1-1.5 inches of water including days of rain. Cut back if your lawn looks too wet, and increase watering if it looks dehydrated.

Building a watering schedule can be challenging – especially because your lawn’s needs will change throughout the year. If you want to get great results without the stress, don’t hesitate to contact a lawn care professional. They’re dedicated to keeping your landscape in the best condition possible, and they’ll work with you to create a great watering routine.

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