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How Can I Tell If My Lawn Needs More Water?

A dehydrated lawn is more vulnerable to disease and death, particularly during the hot summer months. However, dry grass can be more difficult to identify than many people realize, since the signs usually start out small. Determining if your lawn needs more water involves assessing various visual and physical indicators. Here are some signs that may indicate your lawn needs more water:

  • Grass color: A lawn in need of water may exhibit signs of discoloration, such as a dull or bluish-gray hue, or patches of grass turning brown or yellow. However, keep in mind that certain grass types naturally go dormant or change color during periods of heat or drought, so consider the specific characteristics of your grass species.
  • Footprints remaining visible: If footprints or mower tracks remain visible on your lawn after being walked or mowed, it suggests that the grass blades lack sufficient moisture and elasticity. This indicates a need for watering.
  • Wilting or drooping grass: When grass blades start to wilt, fold inwards, or appear less upright than usual, it can be a sign of water stress. However, be mindful that some grass species naturally fold or curl their blades during the hottest part of the day, so consider the time of day when assessing the wilting.
  • Reduced growth or slowed recovery: If your lawn is slow to recover from foot traffic, drought, or other stressors, it may indicate insufficient water. Stunted growth or lack of regrowth after mowing are additional signs that your lawn may need more water.
  • Soil dryness: Physically check the soil moisture by inserting a screwdriver or similar object into the ground. If it goes in easily and the soil is moist at least 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) deep, your lawn likely has sufficient moisture. However, if the soil is dry and the tool is hard to insert, it indicates that your lawn may require watering.
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Professional Lawn Irrigation Services

Your lawn’s watering needs change throughout the year, which can make it difficult to keep your grass looking green and lush. If you want to promote a healthy and beautiful lawn without the stress, professional irrigation services may be right for you. Lawn care specialists will routinely inspect your landscape to ensure it’s getting enough water, even as the seasons change. 

When you need great lawn care services, turn to Arrow Exterminators, Inc.! Our team of specialists has years of experience in Broken Arrow OK, so we’re well-versed in local environmental factors that can influence your landscape’s health. We can help with everything from configuring your irrigation settings to additional treatments like fertilization and soil care. Just contact us to learn more!

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