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What Types of Weeds Are Common in Broken Arrow OK?

Knowing about common local weeds can help you catch (and eliminate) these invasive plants before they’re able to completely take over your yard. Here in Broken Arrow OK, some of the most common weeds include:

  • Common chickweed: Also commonly called winterweed or starweed, this is a common problem for turfgrass in our area. It often crops up in late summer or early autumn. Over time, it can create large and dense patches – usually in damp and shaded areas. You can identify chickweed by looking for slender stems and small clusters of white flowers.
  • Henbit: This purplish flower is a member of the mint family and is often called dead nettle. Like many mint species, it can be very persistent. You’ll likely notice henbit in mid-September in shaded areas. These plants have fuzzy leaves with deep green veins. 
  • Mouse-ear chickweed: This plant is notorious for harboring pests. Though it looks similar to the common chickweed, you can tell it apart by looking for fine hairs on the leaves; if the leaves don’t have fuzz, then it is a common chickweed. You’re most likely to notice mouse-ear chickweed blooming from March to August. 
  • Poa annua: This plant looks like very fast-growing grass, but it can form undesirable clumps and have a negative impact on your turfgrass. When in full bloom, poa annua will produce small whitish flowers. Seeds can remain dormant for years so it’s important to stay on top of prevention. 
  • Smooth brome: Here in Broken Arrow OK, smooth brome is an invasive species that can have a negative impact on our local environment. It has a tall stem with long, flat leaf blades toward the top. This plant can be particularly detrimental if you have a farm or corps nearby. 
  • Dandelion: These bright yellow flowers are found all across the United States and resemble a puffy ball. They thrive in soils with high levels of nitrogen and potassium, but can invade almost any lawn. Dandelion infestations can spread for miles if left untreated.
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What to Do If You Have Weeds

When it comes to weeds, the sooner you get professional help, the better. It doesn’t take long for invasive plants to spread throughout your landscape, and they can take a serious toll on the rest of your vegetation. Since each weed is different, treatment isn’t the same for every species. A professional can help you eliminate the weeds quickly and prevent them from returning with targeted treatment plans tailored to your specific circumstance. 

If your Broken Arrow OK lawn has weeds, don’t hesitate to contact Arrow Exterminators, Inc.! Our trained technicians are committed to boosting the long-term health of your landscape with highly effective weed removal services. We also offer a full range of other lawn care services, ranging from fertilization and aeration to overseeding and weed prevention. To learn more or get started, just give us a call today!

What types of weeds are common in Broken Arrow OK lawns? Serving Broken Arrow OK & Oklahoma City OK

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