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What Are the Signs that My Lawn is Unhealthy?

Several signs can indicate that your lawn is unhealthy and may require attention. However, signs like discoloration or pest infestations can all indicate what the larger issue is and how you can go about solving it. Here are the common signs that your lawn is unhealthy, and what you can do to boost your turf’s health:

  • Discoloration: If you notice patches or areas of your lawn that have changed color, such as turning yellow, brown, or even gray, it could be a sign of underlying issues. Discoloration can be caused by various factors, including nutrient deficiencies, disease, pests, or inadequate watering.
  • Weeds: An abundance of weeds in your lawn can be a sign of underlying health issues. Weeds often thrive in weak or unhealthy turf, indicating that your lawn may require improved care or treatment to address the underlying causes.
  • Thinning or bare patches: If you observe areas of thinning grass or bare patches where the turf has completely died off, it suggests that the lawn is struggling to grow or suffering from stress. Causes can include poor soil conditions, improper watering, compaction, disease, or pest infestation.
  • Weak or slow growth: If your lawn is growing slower than expected or appears weak, it may be an indication of inadequate nutrition, improper watering, or other environmental factors inhibiting healthy growth.
  • Presence of pests or diseases: If you notice signs of pests, such as visible damage to grass blades, tunnels, or insect activity, or if you observe symptoms of lawn diseases like brown patches, spots, or unusual patterns, it indicates that your lawn is under attack and may require treatment.
  • Excessive thatch buildup: Thatch is a layer of dead grass and organic matter that accumulates between the grass blades and the soil. Excessive thatch buildup, typically more than half an inch thick, can impede nutrient absorption, water penetration, and overall lawn health.
  • Poor drainage: If your lawn consistently holds water or has areas that remain soggy long after rainfall or irrigation, it suggests poor drainage. Excessive moisture can lead to root suffocation, disease, and other problems.
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How to Get a Healthier Lawn

Diagnosing and resolving health issues in your lawn can be overwhelming. There are tons of factors to consider, and no two properties are exactly alike. While you can start by looking at the above signs and following the corresponding advice, the best way to quickly boost your lawn’s health is to consult a lawn care professional. 

At Arrow Exterminators, Inc., we’ve served homes and businesses throughout Broken Arrow OK for years. Our technicians know the ins and outs of our local environment, so they can pinpoint what factors are impacting your landscape. After determining what’s damaging the health of your lawn, they can help you build the perfect care routine for lush and green grass all year long. Just give us a call to learn more or get started!

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