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Should I Apply a Weed Killer On My Lawn?

Whether or not you should apply a weed killer depends on the specific circumstances of your lawn and your personal preferences. While weed killers can be very effective for treating weeds and invasive plants, they may not be necessary if your lawn is already weed-free. To determine if you should use a weed killer, consider these factors:

Alternative Weed Prevention

As with any other type of chemical product, we recommend using natural methods before turning to an herbicide. Keeping your grass thick and healthy can prevent weeds from germinating or taking over your landscape. Consider implementing these natural weed prevention techniques:

  • Mow regularly with sharp blades
  • Keep your grass at least 2 ½ inches long
  • Reduce excess moisture
  • Ensure your soil is draining properly
  • Overseeding regularly
  • Applying fertilization
  • Aerating and removing thatch
  • Using non-chemical weed removal, such as hand-pulling
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Unhealthy Grass

If your lawn is suffering from multiple health issues and is overrun with weeds, it’s generally best to address the underlying health problems before applying chemical solutions. Problems like overwatering, dehydration, improper mowing practices, and fungal infections could all contribute to your weed problem. 

Determining and treating the root cause of your lawn’s health problems is a better first step than immediately turning to chemical solutions, which can place even more stress on your grass. Since there are so many factors that can impact the appearance and wellbeing of your lawn, consider working with a professional to determine the best course of action for your property.

Environmental Considerations

Herbicides often use chemicals that can have a negative impact on your landscape and the environment if used incorrectly. If you are hesitant about applying a chemical solution to your landscape, we recommend working with a lawn care specialist. They can recommend products that are environmentally friendly and still effective. They will also take your family, pets, and other organisms into consideration when building a treatment plan to protect your wellbeing.

Type and Density of Weeds

If natural weed prevention and treatment methods aren’t working, then it may be time to use an herbicide. However, it’s important that you research each product carefully and ensure you’re selecting an option that is meant for the specific types of weeds in your lawn. If you’re having trouble identifying the weed species on your property, you can always consult an expert to find the best treatment option.

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