All year round, Oklahoma pests are adapting and thriving. Depending on the season, with its temperature changes and weather conditions, pests can become a particular annoyance during certain times of the year. That’s why the best way to treat and prevent pest infestations is to change your tactics each time the weather changes. Using various treatment methods and equipment, Arrow Exterminators manages the threat of infestation using a seasonal approach so that we’re always one step ahead of the pests.


When the temperatures begin to cool down outside, pests instinctively search for areas where they can spend the winter months ahead. Certain insects and rodents are especially active during this time of year when they seek shelter from the cold. During the fall months, Arrow Exterminators will focus on methods that involve sealing entry points into the home and creating barriers around the home to prevent pests from settling down for the next few months.


During the colder months in winter, pests that may have entered your home stay there in the warmth and safety, not daring to venture outside. This time of year, the risk of carpenter ants and termites taking up winter residence in your home is still quite high. Arrow Exterminator’s winter treatment plan generally consists of eliminating the pests that are already in your home and if you don’t already have the Sentricon System in place, it can be installed in the winter so that you’re proactively ready for them come the spring.


When the temperatures start to warm up again, we see many pests emerging from their eggs and nests, ready to invade homes in search of food. Termite activity in particular increases in the spring because it provides the optimal weather for termite swarmers to find new areas to inhabit. Arrow Exterminators uses the Sentricon System that focuses treatment around the exterior or your home and tracks the termite populations around you. The Sentricon treatment plan also works all year round!


During the hot summer months, pests like flies, spiders, mosquitoes, and ticks seem to be most abundant. The grass, trees and shrubbery growing around your property provides the ideal conditions for insects. The extremely high temperatures and dry spells that we usually get in late summer also tend to drive pests indoors looking for water and shelter. We will pay close attention to landscaping as well as entry points in the home during the summer months.

No matter what time of year you find yourself in, it’s always a good time to call us and schedule a free pest inspection. We’re proud to serve seasonal pest control services to many Oklahoma communities like: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Oklahoma City, Edmond, Stillwater, Bartlesville, Muskogee, and more. For more information about our seasonal pest control tactics, please call us at 800-390-8626.

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