Actual Size: 1-2”

Characteristics: Gray or brown, with darker or lighter markings on the front wings

Legs: 6

Antennae: Yes

Habitat: Turfgrass, gardens, agricultural fields


  1. Larvae hide under soil during the day and come out at night to feed.
  2. Especially dangerous to corn vulnerable seedings and young corn plants
  3. Does not feed during molting stages

Cutworms in Broken Arrow OK

Cutworms are found across the globe, but they’re especially common in Canada and the United States. There are currently eight species of cutworm known to damage turf in Broken Arrow OK, including the black, bronzed, and variegated varieties. They overwinter as larvae before coming back out in the spring to feed and eventually molt. They feed as they develop, eventually hiding in heavy, surrounding areas as adult moths.

Cutworm Habitat

Cutworms choose their environment depending on preference and accessible food sources. This usually ends up being in areas of abundant soil, like turfgrass, gardens, and agricultural fields. Outside of manmade properties, cutworms can also be found in grassy areas and meadows, where natural predators can help regulate their population.

Cutworm, Threats, & Dangers

Adult cutworms aren’t knowing for doing much damage to crops or grasses. But in their larval state, their presence can be devastating to your landscaping. They eat the roots and stems of plant life, causing irreperable damage from the inside out. You can detect an infestation by sprinkling detergent in the suspected area, which will cause any worms to wriggle to the surface. Of course, this will only note a problem, not treat it. If you are dealing with a cutworm problem, it is best to contact a licensed exterminator.