Here in Oklahoma, you would think that most damage to homes is caused by tornadoes, floods and fires. But you’d be wrong. Termite damage is actually considered one of the worst destroyers of homes and buildings. Termites alone can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to just one piece of property and about one in five properties will have to deal with termites. If you live in Oklahoma, then you’ll be battling one of the most devastating species: the Eastern subterranean termite. They make an easy meal of anything that’s wood, from fallen branches and firewood to decks and structural parts, often working silently with barely any evidence of their presence. Before you know it, termite damage has drastically deteriorated your home’s infrastructure requiring expensive repairs that aren’t usually covered by insurance companies.

Luckily, catching an infestation early can prevent the need for major restorations and damages can be mitigated if you know the signs and call the Sentricon certified, termite control specialists at Arrow Exterminators. Contact us now if you notice any of the following 4 signs of termite damage:

1. Wood Damage and Hollow Sounding Wood

Damage to wood is an obvious sign that termites are present. Often it looks like water damage with a darkening of the wood, but sometimes you can actually see the termite’s bore holes. They create a honeycomb pattern when they burrow into wood significantly weakening it. Termites thrive in environments that are dark and humid, so they’ll start eating the interior of wooden structures, not the surface. Sometimes the exterior wood will look pristine, but when it’s tapped with a hammer or hard object and a dull, thudding, hollow sound is heard, then it could be a sign of termite damage and that wood should be thoroughly examined.

2. Cracks or Small Holes in Walls or Foundation

If you find tiny holes with small piles of sawdust around them, then you could be dealing with termites. Often these holes are no bigger then the size of pencil lead so you’ll have to look closely. Check for holes and cracks in your foundation as well as termites can enter structures from even very small openings.

3. Rippled or Cracked Paint on Wood Surfaces

Paint on the walls that looks damaged is a sign of termites and it can also be a sign of water damage. Termites need water to thrive so the damage to paint can be the result of termites bringing moisture into the wood while they eat away at it.

4. Mud Tubes On External Walls

This is one of the more obvious signs that you could be dealing with termites. Look for these mud tunnels on the outside structures of the house, like brickworks, walls, and concrete slabs, and on the inside structures like the walls a ceiling in a basement. If these mud tubes have actually made their way inside your home, then you definitely have an infestation on your hands.

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