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It should come as little surprise to learn that the climate we experience here in Broken Arrow OK, as well as on a global scale, has changed over the last few decades. That means an increase in extreme weather events, as well as an overall increase in average temperatures. You might appreciate the thought of a warmer winter in Oklahoma, but so do the pests now thriving in our neighborhoods. Insects are changing their behavior with the climate, and it’s up to us to learn how to adapt accordingly.

Changed Weather, Changed Habits

Pests change the way they behave according to the weather. Typically, insect pests are the most active in warmer weather, where conditions are prime for feeding and breeding. Then, when it gets cold, the same pests either burrow and hibernate, migrate into nearby homes and structures, or simply die. But what happens when the weather doesn’t get that cold? 

In cases of warmer winters, insects may: 

  • Have a higher survival rate 
  • Be more resistant to pesticides
  • Produce more generations
  • Have a greater impact on crops 

Increasing temperatures in what is meant to be the coldest season has also resulted in the spread and severity of several disease-carrying pests. The Asian Tiger Mosquito, for instance, has been seen in growing numbers across Europe and the United States. There has also been an increase in deer ticks and fleas, which can carry and transmit pathogens that cause Lyme disease and Bubonic plague. In short, there are more insect pests and potentially more risk of illnesses spread by insects, because winters have been getting warmer.

How Insects React to Severe Weather

Living in Broken Arrow OK, you are no stranger to extreme weather conditions. And in recent times, it seems as if the weather is lashing out more frequently. We’ve had record-setting droughts, as well as more frequent severe storms, all in just the past few years. And just like how you may have to change your behavior due to this weather, so have the insects in our area. Here’s a breakdown of how different types of extreme weather can affect how insects behave, and how it can impact you:

Extreme Heat

Most insects love warm weather. When it’s hot out, they can breed at a greater frequency. Because their metabolic rate goes up, these pests will also eat more to compensate, often resulting in greater damage to crops.

Extreme Cold 

When it gets cold enough in Broken Arrow OK, you’ll find a lot of bugs becoming sluggish and unable to fly. They may find shelter inside manmade structures, or by burrowing into wood or underground until the weather warms again.

Heavy Rain

Certain pests like mosquitos thrive in wet weather, where they can find plenty of water to feed from or breed in. But in cases of excessive precipitation, something we’ve had more of in recent years, pests like ants and other burrowing insects could attempt to enter your home for shelter.


Insects like spider mites and grasshoppers are known for reproducing at more rapid rates when the weather is dry out. Other pests will struggle without a source of water, and in looking for moisture they may try and find it in nearby structures.

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