The common bed bug has come back with a vengeance.  But there is also another bed bug, the tropical bed bug, which has recently been found in Florida. The tropical bed bug is almost identical to the common bed bug in most ways, but is restricted to more tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Previously, there had been no sightings of the tropical bed bug in Florida for over 60 years. Because it can be easily mistaken for the common bed bug, it may be in many areas, and more widespread than is currently known. Tropical bed bugs develop faster than common bed bugs, but produce fewer eggs. Whichever bed bug is present; it may not make much of a difference in how we treat them.

Other Bed Bugs: Common and tropical bed bugs live entirely on human blood, but there are other bed bugs that occasionally bite people, but can’t survive on human blood alone.  These include bat bugs, swallow bugs, and chimney swift bugs. They aren’t nearly as common a problem as human bed bugs, but they sometimes migrate indoors from bat and bird nests outdoors.

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