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Due to the crazy weather conditions we have here in Oklahoma, our state is home to a wide variety of ant species. Some are small and harmless, but hard to get rid of, like the Argentine Ant. Others are larger and potentially dangerous with painful bites and stings, like the Red Imported Fire Ant. But all of them, regardless of size and bite, are pests that need to be professionally eliminated. Here are some of the most common ant species that you are likely to find inside or around your home or business:

Carpenter Ants: carpenter ants may vary in color (though they’re usually a burnt orange), but they are easily recognizable by their size. These ants are the giants of the ant family and the largest ants found in North America. Carpenter Ants to not have stingers and are not venomous, but due to the large size of their jaws a bite can still be quite painful. Carpenter Ants are extremely destructive little creatures, burrowing deep into the wood of homes and businesses to make their nests and look for food. Unlike termites, they don’t eat wood; they chew through it to make pathways for themselves and the rest of their colony. They primarily eat other insects and plant juices. However, just because they don’t eat wood doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly destructive. A carpenter ant infestation can be damaging to your home and expensive to fix. If you have a problem with Carpenter Ants, make sure to call the professionals at Arrow Exterminators right away. We’ll make sure to eliminate every last ant giving you trouble, including the Queen, so that you never have to worry about an ant infestation harming your home again.


Red Imported Fire Ants: this invasive species was brought to the U.S. from Brazil in the 1930s or 1940s and has been a nuisance ever since. These ants build medium sized dirt mounds to house the colony and when the mounds are disturbed, the ants will swarm out to bite and sting whomever is disturbing their home. These stings are very painful, and for people who have sensitivity to Red Imported Fire Ant stings can be extremely dangerous. These ants are not shy and frequently build their mounds in backyards, lawns, playgrounds, soccer and football fields, golf courses, parks and other similar areas. Since they inhabit heavily trafficked areas, the risk of coming into contact with people and people being stung is high. That’s why professional management is essential. If you see a Red Imported Fire Ant colony around your home or business, call the ant extermination professionals at Arrow Exterminators right away. We can come out and get rid of the entire colony before anyone gets stung and potentially injured.


Formica Ants: these ants feed on the honeydew produced by aphids (those terrible, green insects that hang on the underside of plant leaves and suck the life out of your garden plants) and often they guard aphids against predators and help them find the juiciest part of plant leaves to feed on so that their honeydew supply will be uninterrupted. They do not sting, but sometimes when disturbed they will bite or spray formic acid, which is not particularly dangerous but can be unpleasant and cause coughing, watery eyes and itchiness or burning if it comes in contact with broken skin or your nose, eyes, ears or mouth. While these ants tend to live in pastures, open grasslands and farms, they can sometimes be found in homes, especially if you live in a rural area or on a farm or ranch. Make sure to call Arrow Exterminators to help you get rid of Formica Ants because it can be very difficult to locate the source of the infestation and exterminate the whole colony.


Red Pavement Ant: you know those tiny ants you see swarming cracks in the sidewalk or running to feast on some food dropped in the street? More than likely, those are red pavement ants. These tiny creatures are extremely social scavengers and live in large colonies built around at least one queen. They are harmless, but if they are provoked (like if you step on them while walking down the sidewalk) they will swarm around you and may bite. These bites can be painful, but are not dangerous. These ants typically center their colonies outside, but their quest for food can take them just about anywhere. They are particularly fond of sweet, sugary food but will eat anything. Because of this, they are often attracted to homes, restaurants and other places where there is a chance of them finding food. Once Red Pavement Ants have infested a building, their small size and large numbers make them extremely difficult to get rid of. Red Pavement Ant extermination is best left to pest control professionals, like those at Arrow Exterminators.


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Although some ants are carnivorous (meaning they eat everything, including their own kind), some ants actually have burial ceremonies for their dead! Ants can lift 20 times their weight, which is part of what makes them such great little architects. If I could do that, when my truck ran out of gas, I could just carry it to the gas station.


We hope this information helps you identify different types of Oklahoma ants, prevent ant infestations and keeps your home free from any type of ant infestation all year long. And if you see any of these creepy crawlies—or any others—in your home, give us a call or visit our website to get started on a free, no-obligation ant evaluation. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators can identify any type of pest and identify the best course of treatment to get rid of it. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to make sure we eliminate every last one from your home and keep them away for good! You can call our trained pest control experts at any time with questions about pest control methods or pest prevention techniques. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ for more pest prevention tips and tricks. Contact Arrow Exterminators and our ant control experts will get you the help you need right away. Whether it’s a private residence, dormitory, hotel or any other type of property, you can count on our experienced team to get the job done right. Arrow Exterminators has been eliminating ants all over Oklahoma since 1952. We know ant control.

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Ant Comparison in Oklahoma

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