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How to Prevent Bed Bugs in Broken Arrow OK

Bed bugs are an unpredictable pest that can be hard to find, and even harder to treat. That’s why knowing how to prevent them is so vitally important. When you take the right precautions, like when traveling or buying used furniture, you can have the upper hand in avoiding a potential infestation. 

Want to avoid a bed bug infestation? You can:

  • Inspect hotel rooms and luggage while traveling
  • Protect your bed with mattress covers
  • Declutter your home as much and as often as possible
  • Look over used furniture before bringing it inside
  • Know what a bed bug looks like when you see it
How to prevent bed bugs in Broken Arrow OK | Arrow Exterminators, Inc

Can Bed Bugs Be Prevented?

The sorry fact is that bed bugs may get inside your home even if you do everything right. They move by latching onto luggage or baggage, or in the crevices of certain furniture pieces, so where they end up is generally pretty random. But by reading this guide you’re already doing something right! Staying vigilant about bed bugs lessens the risk of having a problem further down the road.

Easy Tips to Prevent Bed Bugs in Your Home

There are several ways you can successfully stay safe from bed bugs! This includes: 

  • Recognizing the signs, from small dark spots left by blood and bed bug fecal matter, to the telltale bed bug bites
  • Be wary of used furniture. Always inspect second hand items before bringing them indoors. 
  • Protect your mattress using a hole and tear-proof cover, certified by an entomologist, to protect your bed.
  • Take travel precautions, such as reading reviews of any potential hotels, keeping your suitcase closed and off the ground, and inspecting it before you leave. 
  • Regularly clean by vacuuming the floors on a regular basis, checking pet beds, and keeping a generally clutter-free environment.

If you have an active bed bug infestation, call your local bed bug exterminators as soon as possible.

What Attracts Bed Bugs in Broken Arrow OK?

By now the truth should be more than clear: even the cleanest of homes can become infested with bed bugs. That’s because, at their core, these pests aren’t present due to a lack of cleanliness but because they managed to sneak their way in. Bed bugs are parasitic, and if there are warm bodies in a home that’s more than enough reason for them to set up shop.

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