For some seeing a single cockroach in the home can trigger a sense of panic and uncleanliness. Recent reports by the National Pest Management Association found that roughly 63 percent of home homes in the United States contain cockroach allergens, with up to 98 percent of homes in urban areas containing cockroach allergens. For some, a cockroach allergy can cause many different problems that can’t be addressed until the cockroach problem has been dealt with.

The allergens associated with cockroaches can come from saliva secretions, feces and shed body parts. These allergens function like dust mites to aggravate and trigger asthma symptoms when stirred up or kicked into the air. When determining the severity of cockroach allergies, many different symptoms can be found.

Symptoms associated with cockroach allergies can manifest in many different forms, often targeting the respiratory system. Affected individuals will often associate their symptoms with seasonal allergies but the effects of prolonged exposure can make symptoms chronic. The most common symptoms are coughing and wheezing, nasal congestion, ear or sinus infections and skin rash.

If a cockroach allergy is suspected by a homeowner, it is possible to determine using a skin test. Allergists will, most often, apply a diluted allergen to the skin surface to observe noticeable changes that may arise. After a span of 15 minutes, allergy symptoms will be noticeable in the form of a red, itchy bump at the application site.

Without question, the best way to prevent or treat cockroach allergies is through removal. Maintaining a clean home and lessening the available food and water can drastically deter any lingering cockroaches that may be looking to nest. If you are seeing many cockroaches, contact a pest control specialist to rid the home of these notoriously difficult pests for good!

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