As cold weather approaches the boxelder bug will enter homes in colonies of hundreds, or even thousands. This nuisance pest can be found in walls and warm basements during the winter months while occasionally venturing out into other human inhabited spaces. Like the stink bug, the boxelder bug will emit a foul odor when disturbed or crushed, this can make them very unwelcome when dying within walls.

Though boxelder bugs rarely cause structural damage or contaminate food sources, the smell they protrude is usually enough to cause a homeowner to want to eliminate them. Since they are often found in large quantities, the smell can become unbearable. Luckily there are ways to avoid a potential infestation.

Seal Cracks

As is common with most other bugs, sealing cracks and windows will be the most beneficial way of keeping boxelder bugs and other pests outdoors during the fall months. For boxelder bugs, window frames, vents and roof openings are the most common entry point. It is also important to check under eaves and where utilities meet the home.

Pyrethrin Treatment

During the middle and late season, Pyrethrin sprays will kill boxelder bugs at all levels of their lifecycle. During the middle of fall, boxelder bugs will exist in various levels of development. By utilizing this treatment method, they can be eradicated at all life stages.

Vacuum Colonies Prior to Infestation

Boxelder bugs will congregate on the sides of a home to absorb the sun when the temperature begins to drop. The next step from this point would be entry into the home. When boxelder bugs are grouped in colonies on the side of a home, they can be captured with a shop-vac and moved to a new location.

If you are dealing with a boxelder bug problem at your home or business, give us a call to start a no-obligation boxelder bug evaluation. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators can identify any type of pest and the best course of treatment to get rid of it. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to make sure we eliminate every last one from your home and keep them away for good!

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