Once the heat of summer has passed, moles will once again start becoming active. As the temperature drops, their need for deeper burrows decreases and surface tunnels once again start popping up across lawns. Surface tunnels are generally used by moles for feeding purposes when searching for subsurface white grubs and earthworms.

Moles can wreak havoc on a lawn which makes prevention and removal absolutely necessary. Early identification can help end the problem before too much damage has been done. Visible signs such as molehills, surface tunnels and soft spots within the lawn are dead giveaways that a mole problem is becoming an issue.

Mole Prevention

When dealing with moles, the best approach in the autumn months is to use a pesticide that contains trichlorfon or carbaryl. This pesticide won’t directly kill the moles in the area, but will cut remove their primary food source, white grubs and earthworms. By removing the food source that moles thrive on, they are more likely to venture away in search of a more accommodating lawn.

Anti-mole gel is an effective mole attractant that can be used to quickly, and painlessly, eradicate moles. Most often this gel is sold pre-packed into a syringe to provide targeted and easy placement around the lawn. Once an active tunnel is located, this gel can be placed accordingly to attract and kill moles or deter them from coming back.

Traps are generally considered the most humane and inexpensive way to deal with existing mole populations. There are many various mole traps available commercially that can trap and kill or live trap moles within any given lawn. Depending on how a homeowner feels about the death of the animal should determine the type of trap used.

If you are dealing with a mole problem at your home or business, give us a call to start a no-obligation mole evaluation. The talented technicians at Arrow Exterminators can identify any type of pest and the best course of treatment to get rid of it. We’ll create a custom pest control plan to make sure we eliminate every last one from your home and keep them away for good!

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