Drones May Be Used in War on Diseases

The number of potential uses for drones is being expanded. Special drones are being developed to aid in the war against mosquito-borne diseases. These drones would fly mosquito-catching traps into remote areas, then the drones would pick up the traps and bring them in. New technology is being developed to more quickly analyze the mosquitoes for dangerous disease-causing viruses. In this way it may be possible to predict when an outbreak of a mosquito-transmitted viral disease is likely.

Early warning that diseases are on the move means extra steps could be taken to control the mosquitoes, and to warn people to take extra precautions to protect themselves from being bitten.

This new endeavor, called Project Premonition, was launched by Microsoft. To work, more efficient mosquito traps will need to be developed, as well as better molecular screening for viruses such as dengue fever, yellow fever, avian flu, and emerging viral diseases.

Drones May Be Used in War on Diseases in Oklahoma

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