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Is It Okay to Fertilize and Seed At the Same Time?

Fertilizing your lawn immediately after laying new seed may seem like a good idea – after all, the seeds need plenty of nutrients to germinate and grow healthily. However, we recommend seeding and fertilizing your lawn separately. Seeds and sprouts are a lot more delicate than fully-grown turf, and fertilizer treatments may be too potent for the new growth. 

Should I Seed Before or After Fertilizing My Lawn?

Seeding your lawn is an important process, but it’s important to follow the right steps to avoid accidentally killing the new sprouts. For the best results, follow these steps:

  • Aerate your lawn: Aerating will break apart the soil and make it easier for the seeds to germinate. It will also promote a strong, healthy root system for your entire lawn. 
  • Lay out the new seed: Avoid placing down too much seed, which will overcrowd your turf and stunt growth. Gently scatter the seeds evenly across your lawn. 
  • Water your lawn deeply: The new seeds need plenty of water to survive. While you don’t need to go overboard, thoroughly water your lawn shortly after laying the seed. 
  • Wait to apply weed or fertilizer treatments: The high concentrations of certain chemicals in weed killer or fertilizer formulas are often too strong for new seeds.
  • After a few weeks, apply a fertilizer: Once your seedlings are fully developed, apply a fertilizer to promote growth and a very strong root system.
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How Long Should I Wait Between Seeding and Fertilizing My Lawn?

It’s best to wait between six and eight weeks to fertilize your lawn after seeding. Waiting until the sprouts are fully developed before applying a treatment will minimize your risk of killing off the new growth. It will also ensure the new sprouts are able to fully absorb the nutrients in your fertilizer treatment, which results in a much healthier lawn in the long run.

Professional Lawn Overseeding Services

Overseeding your lawn can be a difficult process. From removing thatch to creating a watering schedule, there are a lot of details to keep in mind when caring for new grass growth. To ensure the new sprouts have everything they need to grow lush and green, enlist the help of a lawn care professional. With their expertise, you can enjoy a durable and healthy landscape without the stress. 

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