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What is the Best Type of Fungicide to Use in Broken Arrow OK?

The best fungicide for your Broken Arrow OK lawn depends on a number of factors, such as what type of fungus you’re dealing with or what type of grass you have. Different fungicides are designed to treat specific problems, which is why it’s best to do your research or work with a professional prior to applying a treatment.

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Common Types of Fungicides

There are hundreds of lawn fungicides available for you to choose from. Some are slow-release granules and powders, while others come in a liquid form. Most fall into one of two categories: preventive or curative. As the name suggests, preventative treatments are intended to stop fungal infections before they begin, while curative treatments are meant for grass that already has fungus. 

Each formula is intended to treat a specific type of fungal disease at a different point in its life cycle, which is why it’s crucial to carefully read the manufacturer’s packaging before making a purchase. However, it’s also helpful to know about the most common types of fungicides for lawns:

  • Contact fungicides create a protective barrier on the surface of the grass and leaves. They need to come into direct contact with the fungal pathogen to be effective. They are often used to control fungal diseases like powdery mildew.
  • Systemic fungicides are absorbed by the plant and provide protection from the inside. When a pathogen attacks the plant, it takes up the fungicide, which can help prevent or control the disease. These fungicides are useful for diseases that affect both above-ground and below-ground plant parts.
  • Broad-spectrum fungicides are effective against a wide range of fungal diseases. They may contain multiple active ingredients and are suitable when the specific disease is not identified or when multiple diseases are a concern.
  • Narrow-spectrum fungicides target specific fungal diseases. They are used when you know the exact pathogen affecting your lawn. Since it can be challenging to identify the exact species you’re dealing with, we recommend consulting a professional before using a narrow-spectrum option.
  • Organic and biological fungicides use more natural tactics to break down fungus. Some may use copper or beneficial microorganisms that are more environmentally friendly and less likely to damage non-target plants. 

It’s essential to choose the right fungicide based on the specific disease affecting your lawn and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding application rates, timing, and safety precautions.  Using the wrong fungicide may not effectively treat the fungus or could harm your lawn.

If you need assistance in selecting or applying a good fungicide to your lawn, don’t hesitate to consult an expert! Lawn care professionals have years of experience with navigating local lawn fungi, and they can help you build a great treatment plan that will eliminate the disease and prevent it from returning.

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