Brown tick sits on the grass in the bright summer sun during the day.

As the weather begins to warm up in Oklahoma City OK, all of us are getting excited to spend more time outside in the sun. However, with better weather comes an increased risk of pest infestations. From ticks and fleas to chinch bugs, all kinds of common lawn pests thrive in the warmth and growth that comes in spring and hangs around through the summer. It’s our job to help teach you how to prevent them from developing a presence on your lawn. Read on for advice on how to protect your lawn from pests from our lawn pest control experts at Arrow Exterminating!

6 Tips to Prevent Lawn Pest Outbreaks

It’s important to keep your entire yard in good shape to prevent pests from making a home out of your lawn. Certain features your yard provides could lead all kinds of bugs toward your grass. Let’s go over our 6 best tips for preventing lawn pest infestations:

  1. Water your lawn well: You can create sufficient conditions to spur a pest infestation on your lawn both by overwatering and underwatering. This means you have to be very careful about the amount of water your lawn receives, so we recommend installing a sprinkler or irrigation system that can regulate this quantity for you.
  2. Dethatch your lawn: While thatch proves helpful as an insulator for your lawn, too much can suffocate your lawn and too little can lead to harmful temperature irregularities. Both of these consequences can allow pests to capitalize on different vulnerabilities and make use of your lawn.
  3. Trim your plants: Overgrowth, whether of your bushes, brushes, or trees, can lead to hiding places and breeding grounds for all sorts of pests. Keeping your plants neat and trimmed will help reduce pest problems in your yard.
  4. Clean up after your plants: If your trees and bushes are leading to scattered piles of yard waste on your lawn, you could be setting up ideal hiding spots for all kinds of lawn pests. Make sure to declutter your lawn often.
  5. Mow regularly: Keeping your lawn cut short by mowing once a week can prevent water pooling and shade from inviting pests in.
  6. Hire a professional exterminator: Some lawn pest infestations get out of hand and require the help of an expert. Don’t be afraid to have your problem assessed and addressed swiftly and professionally!

Lawn Pest Control Services in Oklahoma City OK

If you’re ready to get rid of lawn pests and keep them away for good, it’s time to reach out to your local pest control company. At Arrow Exterminating, we train our technicians to quickly identify lawn pest infestations as well as the conditions that caused them. We can conduct safe, environmentally friendly extermination services that get rid of all active pests and leave your lawn in great shape to grow. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Preventing Lawn Pests in 6 Steps Serving Broken Arrow OK & Oklahoma City OK

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