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Mormon Crickets are primarily found in the western United States, particularly in regions like the Intermountain West and the Great Basin. This includes states such as Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and parts of California. 

The adult crickets are most active during the summer months, typically from late spring to early fall. They become more numerous and conspicuous during warm and dry conditions. These periods of peak activity often coincide when crops, grasses, and other vegetation are most matured, providing ample food sources for the crickets.

What are the Dangers of Mormon Crickets?

Mormon Crickets can pose several dangers and negative impacts, particularly in regions where their populations reach outbreak levels.  Migratory in nature, Mormon Crickets will destroy the vegetation in an area before moving on. Although the exact path they will take is unknown, their range has been growing steadily eastward. Some of the key dangers associated with Mormon Crickets include:

  • Public Health Concerns – While Mormon Crickets themselves are not known to carry diseases that directly affect humans, their large swarms can be a nuisance. Their presence can lead to concerns about hygiene, as they may invade homes, buildings, and other structures in search of food and shelter.
  • Agricultural Damage – One of the most significant dangers of Mormon Crickets is their potential to cause extensive damage to agricultural crops and vegetation. These insects are voracious feeders and will consume a wide range of plant materials, including crops like grains, vegetables, and forage. During outbreaks, large swarms of crickets can decimate fields, leading to economic losses for farmers and threatening food production.
  • Native Ecosystem Disruption – In areas where Mormon Crickets are not native, their introduction can disrupt local ecosystems. The excessive consumption of vegetation by these crickets can alter the balance of plant communities and impact the populations of other insects, birds, and animals that rely on these plants for food and habitat.
  • Road Hazards The mass movement of Mormon cricket swarms across roads and highways can create hazardous conditions for drivers. The sheer number of crickets and their tendency to congregate on roadways can cause reduced visibility, slippery surfaces, and potential accidents.
  • Vegetation Loss – Aside from agricultural crops, Mormon crickets can damage natural vegetation in various landscapes. They often destroy gardens, lawns, and extensive areas of crops. Their feeding habits can lead to the loss of native plants, affecting the overall health and biodiversity of ecosystems. 

Contact the Professionals 

Mormon Crickets are primarily found in the western United States, but have been moving eastward. If you have any concerns about Mormon Crickets in the Broken Arrow, OK area call the professionals with Arrow Exterminators, Inc. Their experts can help create a pest-free* environment. 

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