Rats and mice are only a problem in dirty, unsanitary homes. FALSE. Unfortunately, even the cleanest homes and offices experience rodent problems. These pests are very adept at finding food, and living on little or no water. However, reducing available food, water, and shelter is important in ongoing control of these common pests.

Rats and mice have excellent eyesight. FALSE They actually have poor vision beyond three feet, but they really don’t need to see further. They are sensitive to motion up to 50 feet, and their sense of smell and hearing are both far superior to ours. They can even locate objects to within a few inches just by sound.

Those electronic gizmos (ultrasonics and related devices) effectively get rid of rodents. FALSE. We wish they worked, but those devices you plug into a wall outlet don’t kill rodents, so the pests are unfortunately still around. University tests also find that the devices either don’t repel rodents at all, or that their repellency is weak, very temporary, and ineffective. They are a waste of money for consumers for both rodents and insects.

Rats spread diseases, but at least they don’t bite. FALSE. Rats do bite—mostly sleeping persons, and especially infants. Most bites occur on fingers and limbs, and some bites occur on faces. It is believed that the rodents are attracted to food residues or odors on a person’s hands, fingers, or mouth. In some cases a disease, rat bite fever, results from these bites.

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