A wolf spider on a rock

While most spiders remain dormant throughout the winter months, the unique characteristics of the wolf spider allow it to stay active in even the coldest temperatures. The wolf spider contains reflectors in its eyes, a unique characteristic of this species of arachnid not seen with others. Though there are many different varieties of wolf spiders, all possess eye reflectors.

This spider species is known for its use of a burrow instead of a web-like structure. This adaptation is especially important for survival in the winter. By burrowing below ground level, wolf spiders aren’t as exposed to the elements as a web-dwelling spider would be. By burrowing extra warmth can also be achieved.

Wolf spiders eat small insects that can be found throughout the winter months, making hunting viable during this period. This nocturnal spider will emerge from its burrow during the night to hunt for prey. The wolf spider will often travel long distances during the night in search of food, often stalking their next meal.

Many individuals will say that you will see an increase in wolf spider sightings within the home during the fall and winter months, but these claims are unsubstantiated. Because wolf spiders are a burrowing spider species, they are unlikely to find a home very hospitable. It is possible, however, that they will burrow in the garden of a home and wander inside occasionally in search of food.

Wolf spiders do produce venom that can be injected with the use of their fangs. This particular species of spider will often pounce on their victim and immediately envenom them, inducing paralysis or death. The wolf spider will immediately eat their prey after hunting. Humans are rarely at risk of exposure to the venom of a wolf spider unless cornered or handled roughly.

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